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One that will sense your every thought, fulfill your every desire,

complete you.

For this is the meaning of eternal love and happiness.

                                                           A Vampire’s Love is forever

For centuries, they have existed protecting mankind from evil.

Enter their realm... of the undead, the immortal beings of the night.

As darkness covers the earth, pledging to keep the gifted safe above all else...

eyes met as, the vampire caressed her thoughts, "You are my world, the reason I exist."

Centuries past, Lucian Monroe finds the 'mortal being' who captures his very soul... and his heart.

Get Lost In A Little Romance and Fantasy~

~Nothing spices up and afternoon like a good book...


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My First
Ghostly Murder Thriller Novel

'Whispers in the Night'

When a deranged serial killer’s victims’ bodies surface, those involved fear the young and innocent will never be safe until this certifiable individual is caught…


Detective Ethan Randal~
Head of his department, his commitment to protecting the citizens of New York and capturing the guilty are always top of mind. Haunted by a personal tragedy, his empathy towards those who are victims is clear and has earned him the utmost respect from his team. So how does one deal with the most vicious of crimes/death—mimicking that of someone you love… by a truly deranged serial killer?   

 Alexandria Hampton~
A beyond talented photographer Alexandria also possesses a unique gift she keeps hidden apart from those she trusts completely. Since childhood, she’s been blessed or cursed with the ability to speak and see the dead. So, how does she cope with envisioning the most horrific of crimes coming to realize it actually is happening as she witnessed such a tragedy? How does a gifted human remain sane once haunted by a psychotic killer and his victims?      

Still enjoy reading a book the old fashion way...

To order a signed copy of my new novel send me an email. The cost is $14.99 and will include a vintage book mark.

D.A. Berry

My Other Novels~ The Vampire Series...

Book One
A Deepened Hunger~

Released 2009

Lucian and Jordan's story~

Available on Kindle and Hardcover

 @ Amazon.com

Book Two
A Cry From Beyond~ 

Released 2010


Available on Kindle and Hardcover...
  @ Amazon.com

~Began with the release of Buried Secrets, followed by the release of Ancient Secrets. Become enthralled in their world of hidden secrets and deceit. 

The Dark Secrets Anthology on sale @ www.Amazon.com 
 ~Kindle Addition   See the continuing saga below...

Book Three
Buried Secrets~

Released 2011

 Lucian and Jordan Monroe~ 
For centuries Lucian existed alone. All those, the being loved parting from his world. As always, honoring his duty, years past, he saved a mortal red headed beauty from a sinister fate. Now wed—their love for one another everlasting.  By chance, Jordan learns of a secret from her husband’s mortal life—one, which still haunts the man she adores deep within. Torn over her discovery, the newly turned vampire seeks out the truth. Fearing the reality of it all will destroy the immortal she’d give her life to protect.

Book Four
Ancient Secrets~

Released 2012

 Kara and Grayson Moore~
 Existing for centuries, the goddess was comfortable with her immortal life. Then one evening she meets a gifted wizard. The ‘being’ she lost her heart to—only to have his betrayal rip open her soul. Vowing to block his every memory from her thoughts, the vampire buried the past. Years later an evil within their world, forces the ebony-eyed beauty to seek his assistance. After fulfilling their bargain, she bids him good-bye. Unaware the evil they destroyed lurks within the shadows—their paths meet again. For the secrets, Grayson Moore buried long ago will change all forever…

D.A. Berry~ Author